Season’s Greetings!

The Maritime Logistics Research Center wants to thank all partners for a successful year. Enjoy Christmas time and have a wonderful start for the new year ahead!

Konttilaiva auringonlaskussa, piirroskuva.

We research: Fostering students’ transversal skills in education

Transversal skills help learners adapt to changes and find meanings in their actions. The SocialBlend project focuses on developing these competences in learning. It is ERASMUS+ project conducted by partners from Finland, Belgium, Romania, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. The aim is to create a digital library for research framework, learning toolboxes, gamification best practices and teacher communication platform within the topic of transversal skills education.

Aurinkopaneelit Kotkan Sapokan satamarakennuksen katolla.

We research: Improving the energy efficiency of small ports

In the Central Baltic region, boating tourism is a popular way to spend holidays and leisure time. The coasts of Finland and Sweden, with their tens of thousands of islands, are a world-famous boating tourism area. At the heart of leisure cruising are destinations, i.e. small ports with their services and surroundings. With the growing pace of climate change, small ports are also under pressure to develop their operations in an increasingly environmentally friendly direction. Uncontrolled climate change may have unpredictable consequences for the future of the boating.

Lähikuva järjestelmäkameran linssistä.

Photo exhibition to showcase the achievements of international projects

The Interreg Central Baltic program period 2014-2020 will come to an end as the last co-funded projects of the period are finalized in December 2022. Central Baltic will arrange a photo exhibition in each program country showcasing the results and achievements of the projects of the period. Two projects of the Maritime Logistics Research Center take part in the exhibition.

Konttirekat satamassa. Etualalla kaksi työntekijää.

We research: Digitalization as an asset for the logistics chains in the Satakunta region

In our society, almost every activity needs logistics. But logistics often goes unnoticed, especially when it is working well. Logistics is a daily, round-the-clock operation that is carefully planned, follows minute-by-minute schedules, and has an overall impact on the security of supply. Digitalization has brought the logistics industry opportunities to operate in an easier, more efficient, and more meaningful way.