Shared simulation environment

Maritime co-operation simulators, consisting of navigation and engine room simulators, are located on SAMK Campus Rauma.

Yhteiskäyttösimulaattorit Kapteeni ohjaa laivaa merenkulun komentosiltasimulaattorissa. Näytöillä näkyy sateinen satamanäkymä.

Navigation simulators:

  • Finland's only 360-degree visual, dynamic positioning command bridge
  • four 120-degree command bridges, all with dynamic positioning function
  • nine navigation simulator stations
  • radio simulator work stations

Navigation simulators can be used to practice the use of the radar, the use of an electronic chart system, and bridgework. Simulations are most often used to practice and test ship steering, emergencies, and communication.

The simulators have stability programs for ten different types of ships.

Engine room simulator set:

There are five different ship models in total, and it consists of:

  • the engine control room (ECR) and the engine room, the different levels of which are implemented by computers
  • 12 independent workstations

Joint use laboratories


A shared laboratory for testing novel maritime applications. In ISTLAB, remote piloting is a use case in forwarding laboratory development.

RoboAI Joint use laboratory 

Maritime Logistics Research Center uses also the RoboAI Joint use laboratory. The joint use laboratory focuses on technology and application development work, which consists of experts and modern equipment.

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