The electronic platforms, developed in the projects of the Maritime Logistics Research Center, cover various themes from business exports to energy efficiency and sustainability. The platforms and tools are freely available for use.


Balticsmallports.eu website, created as a result of the CBSmallPorts project, acts as a common online platform for all small port stakeholders, whether they are boaters and other port users or port owners and developers.

The material consists of results, investments information, produced data, apps and publications of small port projects that are now more easily accessible for the stakeholders through one platform.

ChangeMakers ePlatform

ChangeMakers was an Interreg Central Baltic funded project, where 250 students from Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia solved real-life problems given by companies. The ePlatform was used to teach entrepreneurial skills, and now it's available for all free of charge.

SataMari Energy saving tool

The SataMari project's Energy saving tool provides solutions for companies to improve their energy efficiency and increase their renewable energy use. The tool is available in Finnish. It is designed rspecially for the maritime cluster but  companies from other industries can utilize the content, as well.

SME Aisle ePlatform

The SME Aisle project supports the export activities of small and medium-sized businesses from the Central Baltic region to southern Africa, using Namibia as a gateway. The topics include trade, renewable energy, automation, ICT and maritime and logistics.

The platform brings together relevant country information on Southern African countries (Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Angola) and on Central Baltic countries (Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia). In addition, the platfrom holds information on the themes of energy, maritime and logistics, automation, ICT and business entry-modes.