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The SME Aisle project provided an inspiring internship for Arthur Dessenius

Sustainability, human resources (HR) and the European maritime single window environment sound as these three terms having nothing in common. But they are united under one umbrella in NEMO CEF project both with scientific and practical aspects.

Data economy of maritime logistics

The data economy has been studied and developed at the Maritime Logistics Research Centre for several years in various research and development projects. The ”Port Activity App”, originally developed in the Interreg Central Baltic Efficient Flow project, has been the most successful example of the transfer of data economy research to the industry. The Port Activity App was selected for Sitra’s list of the Most Interesting Data Economy Solutions in 2023.

Export activities of Central Baltic area companies in Southern Africa and Middle East

SAMK has been active in Interreg Central Baltic projects supporting companies in developing business activities outside EU markets. The SME Aisle project team has worked on export activities in Southern African countries in the fields of trade, maritime and logistics, renewable energy, automation, and ICT.

Final events of the CBSmallPorts project in Riga, Latvia

The CBSmallPorts project, focused on developing small ports in the Central Baltic area, started just as the pandemic hit the world in 2020. COVID restrictions prevented face-to-face meetings from happening. At last, the final conference and final partner meeting were held in in Riga, Latvia in August 2022 for the entire project partnership.