About us

Maritime Logistics Research Center operates at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, SAMK Campus Rauma,  in Finland. The Center does research and product & service development within themes of efficiency, safety as well as blue and green growth.  The Center improves operations of logistic chains, maritime safety, and security of supply.

There have been maritime and port activities for hundreds of years in Satakunta region, in the cities of Rauma and Pori. Satakunta is “larger than its size” as the population is 4% of Finland’s population, but the region contributes 6.9% of the value of export. The proportion of export and import is 2.3 times the proportion of the population. Ships have been built in Rauma on large scale since the 1940s, and offshore structures in Pori since the 1970s, both themes having are diverse activities nowadays.  

Digitalization and green growth challenge, and on the other hand provide new opportunities for the development of logistic chains as a part of the global business environmentThe international legislation on the environment, as well as national roadmaps, demand to reduce harmful emissions. 

Maritime Logistics Research Center unites the expertise in maritime, logistics, and security of supply in Satakunta region. Main operations are several national and international projects 

Themes we work on:

  • Transport logistics and infrastructure at sea, in ports, and on land. The infrastructure consists of fairways at sea, ports, roads, and railroads.
  • Digitalization  in improved efficiency and safety in logistics
  • Minimizing harmful emissions in operations of logistics
  • Development and growth of Finnish maritime cluster


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Minna Keinänen-Toivola
Head of Maritime Logistics Research Center