Multidimensional stormwater treatment in urban areas for cleaner Baltic Sea

To meet the increasing environmental protection demands, countries around the Baltic Sea have taken measures for reduction of emissions of nutrients and hazardous substances for years. Still several priority hazardous substances and specific pollutants are released to the environment through urban stormwater systems. These substances are not only nutrients (such as nitrogen and phosphorous), but increasingly also oil products, metals (such as lead and copper), organic pollutants, and other substances of concern to environment.



Total budget

3 980 475,80 €

Interreg Central Baltic

3 184 380,64 €


297 066,40 € (ERDF 237 653,12 €)

The common challenge of the project partners in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Sweden is tackled by developing digital and technical solutions for multi-objective stormwater planning and learning how to improve the efficiency of the urban stormwater treatment of above-mentioned nutrients and substances.

This shared territorial concern is multidimensional in nature, thus requiring deep expertise in various aspects of stormwater management. Cross-border co-operation ensures this by producing significant technological innovation and new multi-benefit smart nature-based solutions through 7 pilot sites of 4 countries:

  • Two sites in Estonia (Tallinn and Viimsi).
  • Two sites in the city of Pori, Finland.
  • A site in Riga, Latvia.
  • Two sites in Sweden (Söderhamn).

The digital solution developed in the MUSTBE project integrates the components of 1) purification and reuse of stormwater close to the source and 2) managing-controlling of the storm water fluxes during the rain events as well as monitoring of hazardous substances and toxins. This tool will support the municipalities and cities in Central Baltic area in their environmental protection efforts.


Hanna Kajander
Project Manager
+358 44 710 3283

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Project objectives

  • Developing digital and technical solutions for multi-objective stormwater planning and
  • Learning how to improve the efficiency of the urban stormwater treatment of nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus), as well as oil products, metals (lead and copper), organic pollutants and other substances of concern to environment.

Projects steps

  • Analysis of and design for construction of smart multi-objective stormwater treatment solutions at 7 pilots sites.
  • Installations of the new solutions.
  • Monitoring of the pilot investments to verify the effectiveness of the deployed solutions and techniques.

Project partners

  • Viimsi Municipality, Estonia (Lead Partner)
  • Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Finland (Project Partner)
  • Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia (Project Partner)
  • Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department, Estonia (Project Partner)
  • City of Pori, Finland (Project Partner)
  • Municipality of Söderhamn, Sweden (Project Partner)
  • Riga City Council City Development Department, Latvia (Project Partner)
  • Riga Technical University, Latvia (Project Partner)

Further information

Information and updates on the project development are available at