The aim of the PROMETHEAS project – Promoting Mental Health at Sea – is to develop a training course and learning resources for seafarers and maritime workers concerning the preservation and improvement of their mental health.


1.11.2021 – 30.8.2022

Total budget

298,054 €


53,255 €

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Seafarers often work long hours, far from their relatives, isolated in a multicultural, highly hierarchic micro-society. It often generates mental health problems which put lives, vessels, passengers, cargo, the environment and local coastal economies at risk. The PROMETHEAS project, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, aims to tackle these challenges.

Project objectives

  • Supporting the preservation and improvement of seafearers' mental health.
  • Reducing bullying and other phenomena that have a negative impact on mental health in the maritime sector.


Heikki Koivisto
Project Manager
+358 44 710 3674

Projects steps

  • Design and delivery of an in-depth course for selected maritime workers.
  • Production and dissemination of training materials to the industry at large.