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Maritime single window in Finland (NEMO CEF)

22-FI-TG-NEMO-EMSW NEMO project - Interoperable European Maritime Single Window environment implementation and deployment in Finland

In 2025, Finland will introduce a new maritime information management system, NEMO, which will be the national "single window" for maritime traffic reporting. From 2025 onwards, notification information will be automatically circulated in a single notification to all those who need it by law. NEMO is based on EU Regulation 2019/1239.

The NEMO CEF project will ensure the adequacy of resources for the implementation of the NEMO system and enable the implementation of value-added services. The NEMO CEF project will use pilot cases to study the impact of the implementation of the EMSW Regulation on a large scale, define key performance indicators, and test and validate the whole innovative process from start to finish for different actors.  NEMO will be studied and developed from sustainable development perspectives.

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Total budget

5 440 300 € (CEF 50%)


810 200 € (CEF 50%)

Project objectives

  • To reduce the administrative burden on port operators by simplifying and harmonizing the reporting requirements for ships' port calls.
  • To reform, analyze, guide and implement a new reporting system for different stakeholders and operators.
  • To study and validate, through pilot cases, the impact of the implementation of the EMSW Regulation on a large scale throughout the whole reform process from start to finish for the different actors.
  • To study NEMO from a sustainable development perspective.


Minna Keinänen-Toivola
Chief researcher, NEMO CEF project manager
+358 447103063

Projects steps, work packages

  • WP1 Project Management, coordination, and communication
  • WP2 EMSWe Implementation
  • WP3 Process Development (SAMK’s responsibility)
  • WP4 Testing, Validation and Deployment


Coordinator: Fintraffic VTS

Partner: Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK), Maritime Logistics Research Center,

Associated partner: Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom)


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