We research: Maritime logistics ensuring security of supply

21.9.2021Minna Keinänen-ToivolaWe research

COVID-19 virus lead to a pandemic and started a global crisis in March 2020. From the very beginning, the key aspect to sort the crisis has been security of supply. There is a lot of expertise on national security of supply and solutions for future challenges in Satakunta region, Finland. However, the expertise on security of supply had previously not been collected together.

The port of Rauma as seen from the sea.

Maritime and land-based logistics have to ensure safe and fluent transportation chain and supply of security in all circumstances. There are hundreds of companies in Satakunta region which use logistical services or provide services related to them. Satakunta in “a region larger than it’s size”. The portion of export and import is 2.3 times higher at the ports of Satakunta compared to the population size. In addition, 30 percent on energy needed in Finland is produced in Satakunta. The portion is increasing within Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant start up.

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences has studied the current skills, need for development, and co-operation of companies and other organizations in the security of supply theme in the Satakunta region. The aim was also to start broad co-operation and information exchange between different organizations.

The steps of the research were: 1) mapping the regional skills within security of supply theme, 2) defining needs for training, 3) organizing online events, 4) defining export potential and 5) starting a network of expert  “SataVarmuus”.

The research met the vast need for products and services to minimize and mitigate the disadvantages of the corona pandemic. The project speeded up the development of skills in security of supply f.e. in joining online events. It prevented the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic to the region. Co-operation was diverse and tight between different organizations.

The research is broadening, as it is part of the basic operations of  SAMK’s Maritime Logistics Research Center in a project  REACT-EU ERDF “MeriLoki”. The MeriLoki project (Maritime Logistics Research Center with targeted actions provide maritime, logistics and security of supply expertise and growth for companies in Satakunta) started in 1.9.2021.


  • The research was done fully online, both within expert work and events that was organized


We research

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