The aim of the SataMieLo (Ensuring productivity, work wellbeing and resiliency of SME’s and logistics chain operators of Satakunta in the changing world) project is to formulate a concept for ensuring the work productivity and well-being to entrepreneurs and experts in SMEs in the Satakunta region.


1.6.2021 – 31.12.2023

Total budget

287,945 €

European Social Fund

 201,562 €


86,383 €

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  • To define the needs of companies and individuals as basis of the trainings. To formulate a joint concept for the companies.
  • To organize series of training events and supervision of work.
  • To formulate a SataMielo concept on work wellbeing and improved resiliency for product logistics chain operators, which suit to broad use in the sector.  The target of the concept are entrepreneurs, managers and personnel.
  • To formulate an online training tool from the material of training events and other developed training materials. The online training tool is freely available during and after the project.
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  • Work and co-operate with small or medium sized enterprises in product logistics chains of Satakunta region. The operation environment of SMEs change quickly due to digitalization, automation and environment and emissions requests.
  • Training enterprises to be prepared for changes, to think risks, and to develop ways of operation for unexpected situations as well as external pressures and demands.
  • Combining needs of target companies to a series on training events and formulating an online training tool.
  • SataMielo increases work wellbeing and resilience leading to just on time and efficient logistics chains that are more productive. It increases safety, reduced emissions and green deal of companies in Satakunta region. The project pilot cases and practical example are from different product logistics chains in Satakunta region.


Antti Värre
Project Manager
+358 44 710 3222

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