We Research: Mental Well-being as a Source of Resilience

15.9.2023Antti VärreWe research

Although Satakunta represents only about four percent of Finland's population, the region's exports account for as much as eight percent of Finland's exports. This emphasizes the importance of local logistics companies and their ability to meet export challenges. However, for these companies to adapt to the constantly changing operating environment and maintain their competitiveness, they need strong resilience. In this equation, one key factor is the well-being of employees.

Picture: Petteri Hyvärinen
Picture: Petteri Hyvärinen

The SataMieLo project has guided employees to better understand the connections between resilience and mental well-being. Since 2022, the project team has been working closely with logistics operators in Satakunta. Participating companies have been offered well-being training, focusing on mental well-being and its drivers. Topics have been interactively discussed in the training sessions, and participants have been successfully activated both for confidential discussions and to reflect on the discussed topics for their own workplaces. Discussions have been attended by company employees at various levels, from entrepreneurs and CEOs.

The initial stages of the project focused on interviews with company management and selected individuals to identify both challenges and opportunities. Based on this information, project experts have organized training and networking events focusing especially on well-being themes. These themes were chosen based on the most frequently raised topics.

In addition, a website has been created that provides access to these themes and resources. This site and the SataMieLo concept will be released in the fall and will be freely available to anyone interested.

Did you know?

  • Satakunta's export statistical value in 2022 was approximately 6.5 billion euros (Customs, Statistics).
  • In 2022, over 30% of retirements due to illness were related to mental disorders.
  • The amount of sickness benefits paid for mental disorders in 2022 was 317 million euros, accounting for 25% of all paid sickness benefits.


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