SAMK’s maritime competence as a part of the Cape Verdean Master’s Program

9.6.2022Pyry LähdeNews

The Finnish maritime cluster, in which shipping companies, research and education operate hand in hand, is a unique combination and receives a lot of respect in internationally, as well. In the spring, a small group of students from Cape Verde arrived in Finland to learn about the maritime cluster activities.

Three students from Cape Verde in the simulator room of the Rauma campus.
Initially, the visiting study group was supposed to have about twenty students and their teacher. Due to the corona pandemic and visa challenges, three students and one teacher traveled to Rauma. In the picture, Mario Vaucher (rear left), Igor Évora and José Barbosa (in the front steering the pilot boat) are in the simulation room at the Maritime Campus in Rauma. Photo: Heikki Koivisto.

In most countries, there is often a deep gap between the educational institution and the shipping companies: unlike in Finland, it is quite possible that a maritime student does not have any practical ship experience even after the fourth year of study.

To learn from the Finnish way of teaching and educating in the maritime sector, the pilot education program of the Advanced Program Maritime Affairs, coordinated by IEMAC (Institute of Macaronesia, Portugal and Cape Verde), organized a study trip and teaching period in Finland. A small group of students for Cape Verde visited Rauma with the aim to get to know the unique maritime cluster.

Although the number of participants dropped from the initial plan, the feedback from both the visit and the test period was positive. SAMK will now analyze the experience of whether the pilot course and test period could become a permanent part of the Maritime Affairs training program, which involved three other academic partners in addition to SAMK: CU (Coventry University, UK), EN (Naval Academy, Portugal) and UTA (Atlantic Technical University, Cape Verde).

Photos of the visit (click to enlarge):


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