Experts of the Maritime Logistics Research Center: Meri-Maija, Petteri and Heikki


The Maritime Logistics Research Center employs a wide range of experts from different disciplines in both national and international projects. Meri-Maija Marva, Petteri Hyvärinen and Heikki Koivisto are now in turn to introduce themselves and give an insight into their background.

Meri-Maija Marva, Training Manager

Meri-Maija Marva steers the sailboat.

I have spent almost my entire career in the field of education. After graduating with a Master’s degree in economics, I soon began working at the Rauma Business College in 1988 and then in 1992 at the Satakunta Polytechnic School, which was awarded a university applied sciences status in 1997. All along I have been involved in the board management work of a family business. I am currently a Training Manager at SAMK. I get motivated when networking, meeting new people and seeing what opens up from thereon. In my free time, hiking in nature is very important to me, be it in the outer parts of the archipelago or in the fells.

Petteri Hyvärinen, Project Researcher

Petteri Hyvärinen.

I've a long career in advertising and marketing communications, working as an AD. I have regularly updated and upgraded my skills while working. With the latest industry degree – and encouraged by my previous experience in detached house design and construction – I became seriously excited about 3D design and decided to move towards the maritime industry and ship design. I got a job at an engineering office, which included very effective orientation into shipbuilding processes and hull design. Since August 2021, I have utilized all my expertise at SAMK. The themes have been energetic small ports, challenges of pre-testing in ship-building processes, and safer use of batteries in seafaring. 

Heikki Koivisto, Project Manager

Heikki Koivisto.

After working some years as a sea captain, I started as a full-time teacher at Rauma Maritime College in January 1991. EU projects started after the mid-1990s and then we built a new maritime navigation simulator with visualisation, first of a kind in Finland. My work today is different from the days I started: I work on various projects both as a project manager and as a topic expert at SAMK. Most recently, I have been working on a Southern African export project and with developing a dual degree in marine engineering, but I also work on pilotage degree studies, which takes up a large part of my time. In my spare time I mostly take it easy, on land and at sea. I am motivated by positive people and team success stories. 

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