SME Aisle project partners at Rauma Maritime campus.

The SME Aisle Final Seminar brought together participants to discuss African exports

The SME Aisle project, funded by the Interreg Central Baltic and coordinated by the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, was launched in 2018 to support the SMEs of the Finnish, Swedish, Estonian and Latvian maritime clusters in accessing Namibia as a gateway to the Southern African region. The project has carried out a number of export promotion trips, researched the target countries’ business opportunities and sought solutions to support SME trade in the Southern African Development Community market.

Rauman satama.

Already one year of successful development work at the Maritime Logistics Research Center

The Maritime Logistics Research Center was launched in early 2021 to respond to the development needs of the maritime transport and logistics sector and to contribute to the growth strategy of the Satakunta region. The first year of research and development has been successful. The center has consolidated its position and strengthened the development prospects of the sector.