Energy efficiency and mental health of seafarers in an international maritime conference


International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) year conference AGA21 was organized in Alexandria, Egypt in 26.–28.10.2021.  

A group of seafarers pose at the conference.

From Maritime Logistics Research Center projects, Erasmus+ Greenship and Prometheas were presented. German de Melo from Universitat Politècnica De Catalunya, who is a longterm co-operator with SAMK, had an oral presentation about Greenship. In the Greenship project, a study material is developed, which help ships to reduce their emissions.

Two men posing at a conference.

The other theme presented, as a Prometheas project poster, was mental health promotion of seafarers. Related to Prometheas, a new project SataMielo has started in SAMK. In SataMielo, a concept is developed to ensure productivity, work wellbeing and resiliency of SME’s and logistics chain operators of Satakunta.

The year conference AGA2022 is organized in Batum, Georgia. SAMK will organize the AGA in 2023.


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