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12.1.2024Minna Keinänen-ToivolaWe research

In Satakunta, Finland, the absence of a maritime logistics research laboratory has been a barrier to the development of the maritime logistics sector. The establishment of the Maritime Logistics Research Laboratory (Merilogistiikan tutkimuslaboratorio) is set to address this gap, focusing on supply chain management and emission reductions on sea, in ports, and on land.

Picture from a navigation simulator.
Photo: Mikko Lehtonen/AaVekellari.fi

The laboratory's permanent operations will enhance R&D intensity in maritime logistics for small and medium-sized enterprises in the region. It aims to contribute significantly to achieving national, Baltic Sea region, EU, and global carbon neutrality goals in maritime logistics, as well as enhancing national security of supply.

The Maritime Logistics Research Laboratory in Satakunta includes significant investments in infrastructure and technology at Merimäki simulators. These investments focus on developing capabilities for measuring and modeling emission reductions, with a particular emphasis on integrating cutting-edge technologies like simulators and virtual reality into the research process. This approach is geared towards enhancing the efficiency and environmental sustainability of maritime logistics operations, contributing significantly to the region's maritime logistics sector.

The laboratory will measure, model, and develop methods for emission reduction, using demonstrations in real operational environments. This innovative approach combines simulator use and demonstrations, expanding the research center’s capabilities from expert work to numerically measurable and modelable actions in real life. The initiative is prepared in alignment with Satakunta's role in connecting to the Baltic Sea region, markets, and the global transportation logistics network. The region's historical and ongoing maritime activities form the backbone of this venture, emphasizing the importance of this project in driving sustainable and efficient maritime logistics solutions.


  • The Marine Research Laboratory - MARILAB project (Duration: 01.09.2023-31.08.2026) involves laboratory development and investment in simulators.
  • The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund ERDF and SAMK. The total budgets are for the development project: 314 809,37 EUR, and for the investment project: 213 150,00 EUR, respectively.
  • The research laboratory will deepen and diversify the services offered by the Maritime Logistics Research Center to companies.


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