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We research: Safer use of batteries in seafaring

Seafaring and shipbuilding are now strongly shaped by different levels of digitalisation and measures towards carbon neutrality. More and more often the ships under construction in shipyards are becoming so called hybrid vessels, in which large lithium battery systems are being installed alongside traditional combustion engines.

Nosturi tyhjentää laivaa satamassa.

We research: Risk management model for logistics chains

Home / We research: Risk management model for logistics chains 8.11.2021 The goal of the logistics chain is to transport the package from place A to place B as cost-effectively and environmentally friendly as possible. In this way, through a pragmatic process description, we can identify the weaknesses of the current approach and look for

Tietokoneohjelma, jossa silmänliikeanalyysi näkyy punaisena rinkulana näytöllä.

We research: Remote pilotage

Piloting is an ancient traditional profession. The pilot has secured access to the high-risk seaport in our congested archipelago fairways as a local expert. Work commences in both icy and horizontal snowfall on a January night and in the August sunshine.