Sustainable development through European cooperation


Digitalisation and green growth both challenge and create new opportunities for the development of the entire logistics chain as part of a global picture. International environmental legislation and national policies are setting new requirements for harmful emissions. The main pillars of the Maritime Logistics Research Center's activities include the reduction of harmful emissions in logistics operations and digitalisation to improve logistics efficiency and safety. Numerous national and international projects are at the core of these activities.

Grass and bushes in front. In the background, behind the bushes, a cargo ship in the channel.

SAMK has been involved in the European Innovation Alliance for the last three years. It is an alliance of five European universities, which started its activities in 2020 and is based on the themes of sustainable development, health and digitalisation.

SAMK was invited to join the European Innovation Alliance by its long-standing partner and leader of the European Innovation Alliance, Ludwigshafen University (Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society). SAMK has been cooperating with Ludwigshafen University since 1994. Ludwigshafen is therefore one of SAMK's oldest partners.

SAMK has been actively involved in the network since its inception. Over the past three years, various workshops and expert lectures have been held. SAMK has also been involved in the Digital Lecture Week and the Summer School 2022.

Lecture series on sustainable development

As part of the alliance's activities, a series of online lectures and presentations on sustainable development, called Brown Bag, will be held in early 2023. The lecture series is intended to further the Alliance's goal of sharing knowledge. In the Brown Bag lectures, experts and researchers from the network will share their ideas and research.

Minna Keinänen-Toivola, Head of Research at the Maritime Logistics Research Center, will open the lecture series by presenting the applied research work of SAMK's Maritime Logistics Research Center and giving practical examples of sustainable development in maritime logistics.

– Maritime logistics is a global business. The sustainability of maritime logistics consists of economic, environmental and social aspects, Keinänen-Toivola opens her lecture.

There will be six lectures during the spring and they are open to all. The lectures will be held remotely as Zoom sessions.


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