Euro-ZA team visited Rauma and simulation room in spring 2022.

Euro-ZA project takeaways

Euro-ZA is a project aiming at capacity building in the field of maritime education. All the six EURO-ZA partners from Europe, UK and South Africa have a long history in maritime education – some European partners over 100 years. This short story outlines a few thoughts and ideas that arose from the project that is ending at the end of July 2022.

Tietokoneohjelma, jossa silmänliikeanalyysi näkyy punaisena rinkulana näytöllä.

We research: Remote pilotage

Piloting is an ancient traditional profession. The pilot has secured access to the high-risk seaport in our congested archipelago fairways as a local expert. Work commences in both icy and horizontal snowfall on a January night and in the August sunshine.